Recent Prize Winners


Dec 29th 2012 - When I received the call, I automatically had doubts. Against my better judgement I accepted the offer to come in and select my prize.

Iím so happy I did because not only did I meet some incredibly friendly people, I won the $1500!!!

Cold calling is obviously not the most credible source to trust but DO TRUST ME & MY EXPERIENCES! This is the real deal. They have an excellent program that they explain to you and there are no high pressure sales tactics employed here at all. Itís just friendly people, free food, all smiles & the best part is, regardless of whether you choose to enter their unbelievable program, you still win a prize!


Vafsi and Rajmonda C.
42-Inch LCD Television Winners


July 14th 2010 - "I got a call from a marketing room to come in to PBC for a presentation.  All they said was, stay for 90 minutes and receive a draw prize.  Once the presentation was over we went to gifting and pulled out a ticket and won a 42” flat screen LCD TV.
The employees were great and courteous.
Thank you PBC Discounts."

Vafsi C.
Rajmonda C.

"P.S.  There was no cost or no obligation to buy!!!"

Kenneth and Karen C.
42-Inch LCD Television Winners


July 7th 2010 - "I was contacted by a telemarketer in the morning of July 7th, telling me that I’ve won a prize.  Not knowing what this is about, I took the plunge to come down to the office to attend the 90 minute presentation unexpectedly.
The sales people are courteous and friendly having been to a few timeshare presentations.
I was expecting a high pressure sales event and to my surprise, the atmosphere was not at all pressurized.  People there are not pushy at all.  After weighing the pros and cons of what PBC has to offer, we bought their membership.
At the draw, we even lucked out in getting the 42” LCD TV.  All in all, it’s a pleasant experience and I’m looking forward to some great savings this membership has to offer for years."

Kenneth C.
Karen C.


Duane C. and Carol F.
42-Inch LCD Television Winners


June 24th 2010 - "We are always skeptical when the telephone rings and someone offers a “deal” or something to good to be true.  Our faith in the world is restored.  We came to the presentation and it was exactly what was promised on the telephone.
We were promised that we would draw for 1 of 5 prizes.  Presto, we won the 42 “LCD TV. "

Duane C.
Carol F.

Jeffrey and Courtney F.
$1,000.00 Prize Winners


May 28th 2010 - "We came, we saw, with no obligations to sign-up. In the end we won a one thousand dollar prize. You canít beat that!"

Jeffrey F.
Courtney F.

Oscar and Maria G.
$1,000.00 Prize Winners


February 25, 2010 - "One day we received a phone call invitation to a 90 minute presentation from which we would be able to draw a prize. After listening to the presentation we were skeptical because it just seemed to good to be true. However, after further discussion we ended up buying into the membership. From there we participated in the draw and to our surprise and joy we won the gift certificate for $1000.00.

This we plan to spend on our first trip to Mexico."

Oscar G.
Maria G.

Kathy O. and Miroslav W.

Kathy O. and Miroslav W.
$1,000.00 Furniture Certificate Winners


11/28/2009 - "I was very hesitant when i received a phone call from a person saying that we won one of the prizes. My husband did not believe it as well. We though that it was another scam. When we arrived at the presentation, we were quite surprised that it was not what we expected. People were very friendly and professional. But what was more important is that we got what was promised to us. No lies or gimmicks. We now have a $1,000.00 furniture voucher. Thank you!"

Kathy O.
Miroslav W.

Richard K. and Mira G.
32-Inch LCD Television Winners


11/17/2009 - "We received a phone call informing us that we won one of various prizes, but we didn’t believe it, so we simply said that we are not interested. The calls kept coming, so eventually after a few months we agreed to go and see what his thing that we had won was.

 Upon arriving we were informed that we had to sit through a presentation.  Since we were there already, we agreed. It was most interesting and informative.  We would have been interested in buying this membership to enjoy the deep discounts offered through this organization.  Unfortunately we plan on exploring the Great Lakes in a boat.  We recently purchased so at this time we wouldn’t utilize a membership in your travel club. Definitely in the future a membership would be of interest. 

 After a presentation we were led to a room where we drew a ticket out of a drum of tickets and the one we drew was the Alaskan cruise.  Again unfortunately we did not think that we would fit a cruise like that into our plans, so kindly they agreed to substitute our prize for another, a 32 inch LCD TV, that we appreciated.

 All in all, it was  a good experience that we do not regret.

 Thanks for being so persistent, otherwise I guess we would have missed out on the prize that we won."

RIchard K.
Mira G.


George A. and Alena K.

George A. and Alena K.
3 Days/2 Nights Las Vegas Trip Winners


10/28/2009 - "We came here just to see what was being offered. We were surprised to see that PBC was offering huge savings and great deals. Thanks for the trip to Vegas!"

George A.
Alena K.

Kelly and Paula A.

Kelly and Paula A.
42-Inch LCD Television Winners


11/09/2009 - "Early October '09, I received a phone call saying that i won one of five prizes. I told my husband about the call, but he said he didn't believe it. So, I made an appointment to see if it was true. And I'm glad that we did go because we are now PBC Discounts members. We are looking forward to all the travelling and savings."

"ps- We also won the 42" LCD TV. We thought we would win one of the vacations, which is what most people think they would win. But we were so happy to win the 42" TV, instead."

Kelly A.
Paula A.

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